Sustainable Waste-to-Energy Solutions

Estonia  /  Haapsalu  / Taebla          Invest status:   Waiting for an investment

The purpose of this project is to create an environmentally friendly and a completely energy-sufficient waste-to-fuel solution dedicated to the recycling of used tires (ELT) and various waste types, such as solid municipal waste (SMW) and other plastics, agricultural, and rubber waste into high-grade fuel products.

- A complex designed for processing rubber (such as car tires) and polymers to obtain crushed material for further processing.

- Initially, the plant will have a capacity of 27,000 metric tonnes per year specifically for used tires, with potential for expansion.

- Once we achieve the desired production efficiency, we plan to introduce the Greenhouse complex "Green 5". This facility will utilize the heat and electricity generated from the "ECOPIR" complex, enabling us to operate a large-scale greenhouse business. With the free heat and electricity supplied by our pyrolysis plant annually, we anticipate achieving a 90% cost efficiency compared to other greenhouse companies.

- The project anticipates an investment payback period of approximately 3 years, along with an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 19.24% over a 5-year period. Additionally, it expects a net profit margin exceeding 30%.

PS! The complete business plan is available upon request. Please reach out to us for access to the full document.

5-Year Financial Plan