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The purpose of this project is to create mutually consistent Ecological production complexes on the territory of METSALAO, KADARPIKU KÜLA, LÄÄNE-NIGULA VALD:

• Complex for the processing of rubber (car tires) and polymers for the purpose of receiving the crushed material for further processing.

• Complex "PYROLY-EKOPYR" processing of the crushed material that has a consistent combination of existing technologies (provided by certified equipment, not requiring the development approved) that will allow you to obtain the maximum output electric power, heat, petroleum product and other combustible materials from the processing of rubber and plastic.In addition to the received oil prod- ucts, the complex provides the entire project with electricity and heat.

• Greenhouse complex "Green 5", using heat and electricity obtained from the complex "ECOPIR", provides a 100 kg/m2 tomato, 130 kg/m2 of cucumbers per year.

• Complex "Pinsector" Is a production program for the production of ecological houses (A class of thermal conductivity), using the latest technology in the construction and use of building materials with low energy cost and high market value.