To ensure production ecology, the complex employed three filtering systems and linking of harmful substances:

1. Three-tiered system of flue gas coming from the heater.
The first stage of the system is mechanical, includes dry cyclone, which captured a large mechanical particles and scrubber with air-flow drip irrigation, what is washing out from the flue gas remaining after cyclone mechanical incorporation.
The second stage is liquid. This wet scrubber, which circulates liquid absorbent recycled constantly flow a specific gas. This apparatus to remove acidic flue gas of the fragments.
The third step provides maximum additional cleaning of flue gases, equipped with a dry filter-sink with bulk structure, allowing to completely absorb all harmful substances. These filters are used in air purification systems in nuclear shelters. Purified carbon dioxide enters the liquefaction in carbon dioxide.

2. Two-step purification of pyrolytic gas before its release to the gas piston power station and pyrolysis reactor. Ensures maximum cleaning of fuel gas, which in turn, prolongs life and reduces the amount of harmful emissions in its exhaust treatment facilities consist of bulk absorbers with by the recycled content.

3. Two-stage pyrolysis cleaning fluid is produced by pumping heated pyrolysis liquid through the bulk of absorbers with by the recycled content. purification and filtration system, completely exclude the possibility of emissions of gases and liquids into the environment Wednesday.

Equipment is working 24 hours a day without stopping. Current year work set – 340 days.

The composition of Complex on processing of solid municipal waste and industrial waste.

– Part of the proposed complex includes:
– Screening of waste: the selection of glass, metal, stone, concrete, checking materials for radioactivity;
– The plot to a certain faction grinding;
– Plot mechanisms for movement of raw materials;
– Plot of pyrolysis processing of raw materials;
– Transitional Park tanks under pyrolysis oil;
– Stretch tubing filtration;
– Carbon warehouse;
– Plot properties of materials that are not subject to pyrolysis processing;
– Power plant;
– Plot the separation of pyrolysis liquid into fractions;
– Transitional Park tanks, under the finished products;
– The plot of the issuance of the finished product.