Sustainable Waste-to-Energy Solutions

Practical application of our advanced pyrolysis complexes aimed at solving environmental problems

The key elements of the complexes and the applied technologies are protected by domestic and foreign patents, have relevant permits and certificates of conformity from the EU, and are environmentally safe.

The "PYROLY-EKOPYR" complexes carry out raw material processing in two main stages based on a mass ratio of 1 m³/650 kg.

After the first stage - processing waste with moisture content up to 20% in the thermal pyrolysis reactor "PYROLY," the following results are obtained:

  • Pyrolysis liquid (pyrolysis oil) - up to 57%.

  • Carbon black (ash content up to 7%) - up to 25%.

  • Technical water - up to 3%.

  • Metal cord (when processing used tires) - up to 5%.

  • Liquid carbon dioxide (complex with a processing capacity of 200 m³/day) - up to 840 tons/month.

After the second stage - fractionation of the pyrolysis liquid in a specialized refinery, we have the following results:

  • Gasoline Ai-92: 25 – 30%. Density at 20°C: 0.71-0.76 g/cm³.

  • Diesel fuel Euro-5: 45 – 50%. Density at 20°C: 0.80-0.85 g/cm³.

  • Fuel oil M-100: 12 – 15%. Density at 20°C: 0.92-0.99 g/cm³.

  • Syngas: 15 – 20% (50% used for production).

  • Heavy tar/oil: 5 – 8%. Density at 20°C: 1.2-1.5 g/cm³.

The by-products obtained during the operation of the complex are heat and electricity. The majority of the electricity is used for internal needs, while the heat can be utilized in greenhouse complexes or transferred to urban heating networks by agreement with local authorities.

The investor can choose to work with the products from either the first or second stage of processing. This decision is made by the investor in the project’s technical assignment and is formally agreed upon signing the equipment purchase agreement.


Complex configuration for processing solid municipal and industrial waste.

Main parts of the waste-to-energy complex:

Our equipment is fully continuous and work 24/7 without stopping for 340 days/year

Types of waste that can be utilized:

Waste from coal mining and processing, waste from mine water treatment, waste from crude oil and natural gas extraction, coal screenings in the form of crumbs, drilling muds from oil, natural gas, and gas condensate drilling operations, contaminated soils, and waste from oilfield equipment cleaning.

Sludge from sewage treatment plants handling domestic and mixed sewage, waste from the extraction and mechanical treatment of natural water, sludge from the cleaning of water supply networks and wells, waste from the mechanical treatment of oil-containing wastewater, waste from the treatment of other industrial wastewater.

Waste from the production of primary inorganic chemicals, polychlorinated biphenyls, waste from halogen production, mercury production waste, phosphoric acid production waste, sulfur dioxide production waste, hydrogen chloride production waste, hydrochloric acid, and acetylene production waste.

Grain residues, manure, expired mineral and organic fertilizers, fishery waste, livestock slaughter waste, logging waste, pesticide and agrochemical waste, low-value wood waste, bark waste, natural wood shavings, and cellulose production waste.

Municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, asphalt and asphalt concrete pavement debris, used tires, used railway sleepers, construction and repair debris, and electronic waste.


PS! Please note that our waste utilization complex is customized based on the client’s provided project specifications and data, including technical requirements for the desired plant and details about the waste intended for the utilization process. To achieve maximum production efficiency, it is recommended to prioritize specific types of waste per reactor.

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PRICING (2024)

At Pyroly, we understand that every plant is unique, and so are its requirements. Our pricing varies depending on several factors, including configuration, processing volume, and type of waste and operation.

Whether you’re focused solely on pyrolysis and carbon black production or looking to integrate a fuel refinery, we have tailored solutions to suit your needs. We take into account the specifics of your facility, whether it’s an existing setup or a new construction project.

To get started, simply request a free RFQ at the ”Contacts” section to receive an initial overview of pricing tailored to your plant specifications. After the pricing and configuration is set up, we then can proceed to the ordering procedure.