Sustainable Waste-to-Energy Solutions

About Us​

Catalana OÜ, registered under the code 10651017 (in Estonia) and founded on March 14, 2000, with a share capital of 145,488 euros and specializes in developing innovative solutions to address global waste utilization challenges. Catalana holds an operating license given by the Estonian Environmental Board (KL-509045) that lets them legally run businesses in this industry. As leading initiators, equipment manufacturers, and project developers within the international consortium of PYROLY group companies under the European Union, our primary mission is to design solutions that efficiently convert various types of waste—including municipal waste, rubber products, polymers, agricultural waste, wood, peat, oil sludge, and more—into valuable commodities like oil products, energy, and heat, with zero environmental impact and maximum efficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is rooted in our commitment to spearheading waste utilization technologies. We tirelessly aim to foster a cleaner and environmentally responsible world by using waste as a resource, contributing positively to the environment. Our journey continues with unwavering dedication to these ideals.

PYROLY stands as both a consortium and a brand within our company’s portfolio. Although the official registration of this consortium and brand is still in processes, PYROLY represents and promotes our waste-to-fuel solutions that convert various types of waste into energy resources.
Under the PYROLY brand, we are ready to introduce a wide range of innovative pyrolysis solutions designed to efficiently handle various waste types, transforming them into valuable commodities using environmentally friendly and highly efficient processes. Our readiness to develop sustainable waste processing solutions has the potential to reshape waste management practices. We envision PYROLY as a driving force in creating a cleaner and sustainable world where waste becomes a valuable resource, ultimately contributing to a healthier global environment and addressing energy issues.
In the developing of our waste-to-fuel solutions, PYROLY has become a testament to a decade-long collaboration with highly qualified engineers and scientists from world-renowned institutes.

In our approach, only select technical components are subject to patenting. Notably, our in-house production includes critical elements like the Thermolysis reactor, while the majority of components are sourced from established European companies, prioritizing reliability and maximum efficiency. However, a patent has been obtained for the reactor and the complex containing this reactor, which assures high quality and guaranteed use of the equipment included in the complex.

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