Sustainable Waste-to-Energy Solutions

next-gen Industrial pyrolysis solutions

Turn waste into valuable end-products while cleansing the world

Redefine waste value with PYROLY


PYROLY-EKOPYR complexes are individually equipped based on the type of waste our clients plan to input, ensuring the most cost-efficient production.


It’s possible to obtain the following commercial products from waste utilization:

  • 1

    Pyrolysis oil

  • 2

    Carbon Black

  • 3

    Liquid CO2

  • 4


  • 5


Additionally, our complexes are capable of refining Pyrolysis oil into:

  • 1

    Diesel EURO-5

  • 2

    Gasoline AI-92

  • 3

    Fuel oil M100 (Mazut)

  • 4

    Heavy Oil/Tar

Main Features

Our technology harnesses waste from landfill sites and other sources for our Waste to Fuel plants, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly approach. Our focus primarily lies in developing solutions for industrial applications due to their superior economic efficiency and environmental impact. However, our smaller-scale pyrolysis models are equally noteworthy, offering complete environmental friendliness unlike other models available in the market. This initiative contributes to the country’s or company’s efforts to foster a more sustainable environment for all inhabitants of our planet. 


High quality fuel products from waste

PYROLY-EKOPYR pyrolysis plants, convert industrial and municipal waste into various energy end-products like Syngas, Diesel Euro-5, Gasoline Ai92, Heating Fuel M100 as well as other by-products in an ecologically friendly and cost-effective way. These products can be sold for great profit due to their high demand.


Energy Independence

Currently, Waste to Energy solutions are more economically viable than traditional methods of generating electricity, such as importing fossil fuels or burning waste (ex. tires). Adopting these technologies will decrease companies’ or even countries’ reliance on fuel and energy imports.

5 t

of waste is produced by the average European each year

38 %

of waste in the EU is recycled

60 %

of household waste still goes to landfill in some EU countries

(Data from European Commission 2024)

Waste is a growing problem

The problem of waste presents a significant and escalating challenge. On a daily basis, humanity generates an astounding 3.6 million tonnes of municipal solid waste. While endeavors to diminish waste through reduction, reuse, and recycling strategies have been pursued, they have struggled to keep pace with three formidable factors: population expansion, industrial development, and urbanization. These forces have proven to be overwhelming obstacles in the quest to curb waste accumulation.

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